Chapter Board


Left to Right: MaryValerie Reeves, Jimmie Smith, Lorna Winston-Blanks,Nikki Thirasant-Meyer, Christina Romero, Joe Baze, Stephanie Carpenter, Callie Nixon, Vernon Evans, Drew Mohr, Ernie Robinson

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Mailing address:   P.O. Box 612084, Dallas, TX 75261

Officers and Directors


Secretary - Noel Kaiboni 

Treasurer – Nik Fahrer

Administration Team Lead 

Director - Meeting Arrangements Vernon Evans

Director - Member Attendance - Diana Cooper

Communications & Public Relations Team Lead - MaryValerie Reeves

Professional Education Team Lead –Jimmie Smith

Director - Academic Relations – Jimmie Smith

Director - CMA Certification –

Director - CPA CPE Compliance - MaryValerie Reeves

Membership & Marketing Team Lead - Manasseh Sarpong

Director - Corporate Development - Jimmie Smith

Director - Young Professionals – Rory Guthrie

Director - Young Professionals – Chris Carr 

Texas Council Delegate - Manasseh Sarpong 

Texas Council Delegate - Joe Baze

Chair, Long Range Planning Committee - Lorna Winston Blanks

Long Range Planning Committee - Christina Romero

Long Range Planning Committee - Stephanie Carpenter

Long Range Planning Committee - MaryValerie Reeves

Long Range Planning Committee - Nikki Thyrasant-Meyer


Team Members and Coordinators

Community Service Coordinator – Drew Mohr

Employment Coordinator - Jimmie Smith

Education Team – Jimmie Smith

Networking Events Coordinator - Rory Guthrie

Newsletter Editor – MaryValerie Reeves

Newsletter Editor – Kay McDonald

Webmaster - Stephanie Carpenter

Long Range Planning Committee

2018-2019 Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter Members Serving IMA Texas Regional Council

2017-2018 Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter Members Serving at the IMA Global Level

Former Chair/Global Board – John Macaulay

Global Director/Global Board - Jimmie Smith

Member Relations Committee - Jimmie Smith

Planning and Development Committee - John Macaulay

IMA Leadership Academy – Daniel Smith

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee - Jimmie Smith

Small Business Advisory Committee - Jeremy Smallwood

Stuart Cameron McLeod Society Board of Governors Secretary - MaryValerie Reeves

Stuart Cameron McLeod Society Board of Governors Treasurer – Pat Wynn