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IMA provides special tools and resources for the professionals who are developing the industry’s future leaders. Academic Members have access to our ethics curriculum, case studies, webinars, research grants, mentor program, and many other teaching resources. Dues are discounted at $110 for full-time faculty members of accredited institutions. The benefits of an Academic membership are available worldwide. Join Today!

Student Memberships

IMA can help open the door to a dynamic career. As an IMA Student member, you can learn about the role of accountants and financial managers in business and explore your career options. IMA offers Student Members access to many of the benefits of regular Professional Members at a significantly reduced rate of $39. The benefits of a Student membership are available worldwide. Join Today!

IMA Global Student Case Competition

College and university groups are encouraged to participate in the IMA Global Student Case Competition.

Each campus of any college/university is eligible to select a team of three to five members to determine the best solution for the management accounting case. No more than 50% of team members may be Masters Degree candidates and no Doctoral Degree candidates may be selected. Although faculty members are encouraged to promote this competition on their campus, no faculty or other professional assistance is allowed in solving or presenting the case. Monetary awards will be made to the schools of the top 4 teams.

Entries must be postmarked on or before February 1. For more information, go to Student Case Competition.


The Walter Massie Memorial Education Fund was established in 1989 in memory of Past President Walter Massie to provide scholarship awards to students attending universities or colleges and for special education projects sponsored by the Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter. Applications must be submitted by March 15, 2017 utilizing the IMA Scholarship Application Form available at IMA Global Scholarship Program Awards. Individuals who are also applying for the Global IMA Scholarships may provide the chapter with a copy of their Global application; however, the global and chapter scholarships are independent of each other. Applications can be mailed to Walter Massie Memorial Education Fund, P. O. Box 612084, Dallas, Texas 75261 or e-mailed to Scholarships. The chapter will award $1,000 in scholarship(s) in April, 2016. For more information, go to Walter Massie Memorial Education Fund. Contributions to the Walter Massie Memorial Education Fund are tax deductible and should be sent to Walter Massie Memorial Education Fund, P. O. Box 612084, Dallas, Texas 75261.

Past Award Winners:

2016 - 2017  No scholarship awarded 

2015 - 2016  No scholarship awarded

2014 - 2015  No scholarship awarded

2013 - 2014  Darya Bechtel, Texas Woman's University

2012 - 2013  Franziska Moberly, Texas Woman's University

2011 - 2012  Brandy M Pienkoss, Texas Woman's University

2011 - 2012  Chandra N Sapkota, University of North Texas at Dallas

2010 - 2011  Rino Manfroni, University of Texas Arlington

2009 - 2010  Anoop Baral, University of Texas Arlington

2009 - 2010  Karyl A. Sibley, University of Dallas

2008 - 2009  Kyeremateng Boateng, Baylor University

2003 - 2004  Hannah Golden, Midwestern State University

2003 - 2004  Carri Watkins, Midwestern State University

2002 - 2003  Caroline Boyd, Midwestern State University

2002 - 2003  Xi (Nancy) Lei, Midwestern State University

2002 - 2003  Carla Berridge, Midwestern State University

2001 - 2002  Sheryl Moses, Midwestern State University

2000 - 2001  Jennifer Windal, Midwestern State University

2000 - 2001  Rick McDonald, Midwestern State University

1999 - 2000  Teresa Wiist, Midwestern State University

1998 - 1999  Angela Haley, Midwestern State University

1998 - 1999  Kristen Metzler, Goshen College