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CareerDriver is a three-step process that allows IMA members to assess their skills, create an actionable development plan, and match their skills to other management accounting roles. This innovative, practical tool add values to our members’ roles as management accountants.

IMA has identified 40 job titles and 28 competencies relevant to management accountants to build the tool around. More than 700 learning resources have been compiled to help members create a plan for their future. The database will be updated regularly with the latest IMA self-study courses, webinars, publications, and on-the-job activities.

CareerDriver puts IMA members in control of their career. So far, member feedback has been positive, and engagement levels are high. The tool is available as a free IMA member benefit at Career Driver.

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Easily sign up to receive job openings directly from recruiters and employers, who are also our fellow members! This will help you stay a step ahead of others as you'll be receiving job postings just as soon as the positions become available. Coming Soon.

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You may easily sign up to send your new job openings directly to our members. Our members have opted-in to receive your information and will be awaiting your emails. This enables you to find the right candidates more quickly. Also, by considering our members, this will assure you that your potential candidates have the professionalism needed in today's business world. Request detailed instructions.


Recruiters and Hiring Managers - The Dallas Fort Worth Area IMA LinkedIn Group consists of 1,500+ members, mostly Dallas Fort Worth Area Accounting and Finance Professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience. The group includes a full range of Accounting and Finance Professionals from new graduates to CFOs and all in between, including public accounting background. It is very likely that the group includes several excellent candidates for your opportunity, and quite possibly just the candidate you are looking for. Recruiters and hiring managers posting to our group have been pleased with the high quality candidates their postings generate. Posting is currently free. To post an opportunity to the group, please click here.

Candidates - Please see the opportunities that have been posted to the group.

If you are not already a member of the group, please request to be added (note - joining the group does not make you a member of IMA or the Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter).

Recruiting and Staffing Firms

The recruiting and staffing firms who sponsor Dallas Fort Worth Area Chapter meetings and/or their employees who are members of the chapter provide an excellent resource whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or a new employee. A number of them regularly attend our meetings.

Job Listings

Employers may post job openings for free for up to two months. Please submit your job posting in Word document format. View our current job postings.

IMA Career Center

IMA's Career Center offers a targeted network of job postings and resumes in accounting and finance. Job seekers must be IMA Members, and there is no charge to search, or apply, for jobs. Post an available job or search for new opportunities on IMA’s Career Center. IMA members receive discounted employer posting prices.